Recorder Queen

A journey into the inner world of recorder virtuoso Genevieve Lacey

Recorder Queen is a daringly innovative and genre-bending short film through which director Sophie Raymond journeys into the inner world of musician Genevieve Lacey. In a unique collaboration, two distinctive Australian artists push the boundaries of their crafts.

Laurel Hotdocs Festival - Official Selection
Laurel Atom Awards - Best Documentary Short Finalist
Laurel Australian Directors Guild Awards - Best Direction Finalist
Filmmaker Raymond and recorder virtuoso Lacey combine animation, dramatic reconstruction, documentary footage and live performance to explore the altered states of a creative mind. At the pinnacle of a dazzling international career, Genevieve steps off the classical concert stage, driven by the need to rediscover her Australian roots, and give voice to the stories of her own time and place.

Artwork credit: animation by Sophie Raymond, Music Films PL

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