About Us

Journeyman Features is Journeyman Pictures' estranged cousin - a platform for fiction films and some rather unorthodox docs.

The Journeyman Team

Mark Stucke

Founder and managing director of Journeyman Pictures. At the age of 21 Mark was dodging bullets in the Russian Afghan war, working on his first conflict documentary. In 1990 he established Journeyman and moulded it into a support and sales hub for freelancers operating in conflict zones around the world, establishing strong relationships with all the world's leading broadcasters. If selling short news films was the crucible of his distribution training, the decision in 2000 to focus on documentary distribution and co-production was what branded the company as one of the leading factual distributors globally. Today that expertise has embraced the digital age with Journeyman becoming one of the few factual distributors to achieve direct partnerships with Apple, Google, and Amazon.

Emma Simpson

Emma’s role at Journeyman is wide-ranging, with a focus on acquisitions, development projects and editorial. For select film projects Emma works with filmmakers on pre-sales, funding and co-production partnerships.

Mickey Sharp

As Journeyman's Management Accountant Mickey works alongside Luke on all finance matters. She is responsible for producing monthly management accounts and the year end financial statements.

Zoé Durand

As Journeyman's Head of Sales, Zoé negotiates deals with broadcasters, digital platforms and theatrical outfits around the world, representing our brilliant filmmakers' best interests and making sure our powerful docs are seen by the widest possible audience.

Zak Stucke

As Journeyman’s CTO, Zak maintains and develops the myriad of tech Journeyman operates, from the websites and CMS to the server infrastructure. Zak strives to keep Journeyman a leading technological heavyweight in the digital video industry.

Imogen Franklin

As an acquisitions and publicity executive, Imogen helps to scout for some of our latest releases as well as handling festival and educational sales/releases for our films. She also keeps Journeyman's social media buzzing with great content on our docs. Imogen enjoys all things creative, experimenting with a variety of art forms and visiting art viewings/exhibitions whenever she can.

Lucy Tansley

Lucy runs the short films department at Journeyman, bringing in new reports and magazine shorts from our broadcast partners and independent filmmakers for sale around the world. Lucy also keeps our major YouTube channel up to date with the latest content for our subscribers. When not in the office, she enjoys watching football and playing the guitar.

Ieuan Walker

As Journeyman's Head of Footage, Ieuan is the nimble lead operator heading up client footage research requests. Working with some of the world's biggest producers, finding needles in the haystack is what he loves best. When not trawling through Journeyman's dusty shelves, you can find Ieuan down the local pub quiz or at one of London's music venues.

Husam Taha

As Journeyman's in-house Editor and Film Delivery Technician, Husam ensures that our films meet the requirements of our myriad of clients, including industry-leading broadcasters such as ABC, ARTE, BBC and Aljazeera.

Fred Postles

Working in the busy Digital department, Fred helps to ensure all our titles are successfully delivered to digital platforms including Google Play, Amazon and iTunes, from proof-reading subtitles, producing foreign language posters, right through to post-delivery views analysis.

Sam Pothier

Our resident tech master Sam keeps our complex office systems running smoothly. Sam also works across the footage and digital departments, working on archive sales and delivering our docs to streaming platforms in multiple languages.

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