About Us

Journeyman Features is Journeyman Pictures' estranged cousin - a platform for fiction films and some rather unorthodox docs.

The Journeyman Team

Mark Stucke

Founder and CEO

At the age of 21 Mark was dodging bullets in the Russian Afghan war, working on his first conflict documentary. In 1990 he established Journeyman and moulded it into a support and sales hub for freelancers operating in conflict zones around the world, establishing strong relationships with all the world's leading broadcasters. If selling short news films was the crucible of his distribution training, the decision in 2000 to focus on documentary distribution and co-production was what branded the company as one of the leading factual agents globally. Today Mark is an expert in market trends, driving the company's growth across all major markets and with a specialist interest in digital distribution.

Emma Simpson

Head of Acquisitions and Development

For 15 years Emma has helped to grow Journeyman in to a leading sales agent with a diverse catalogue of top independent documentaries. With a particular focus on acquisitions and projects in development, Emma is experienced in offering editorial advice, producing edits and developing release strategies with filmmakers. Emma has appeared on juries, panels and roundtables at multiple festivals around the world.

Mickey Sharp


As Journeyman's Management Accountant Mickey oversees all finance matters across the company's wide-ranging operations, driving our ability to report monthly to our filmmakers and keeping us slick and transparent.

Sarah Collier

Acquisitions and Release Executive

Sarah manages the acquisition and release of our documentaries. As the first point of contact for filmmakers, she works between filmmakers and the Journeyman team to support the acquisitions process, strategise release campaigns, co-ordinate the delivery of film and promotional materials, and get our diverse catalogue of docs out into the world.

Maria Kaminska

Head of Sales

Maria drives our sales with broadcasters, SVOD platforms and theatrical outfits around the world, representing our brilliant filmmakers' best interests and making sure our powerful docs are seen by the widest possible audience.

Max Hochrad

Head of Digital Distribution

Max oversees the delivery and maintenance of feature films that Journeyman place with, amongst others, Amazon, Apple TV and YouTube films. He and his team ensure that our film assets always excel, so that the viewer experience is the best it can be, and that our powerful docs are given the best exposure they can get on these key TVOD platfoms.

Husam Taha

Editor and Technician

As Journeyman's in-house Editor and Film Delivery Technician, Husam is our in-house QC pro, ensuring that our films meet the requirements of our myriad of clients and servicing deliveries directly to clients all over the world. Husam also works on in-house edits, reversioning films for the broadcast market.

Zak Stucke


As Journeyman’s CTO, Zak maintains and develops the myriad of tech Journeyman operates, from the websites and CMS to the bare metal. Zak strives to keep Journeyman innovating and at the forefront of the digital video industry.

Sam Pothier

Head of Footage Sales

The Journeyman footage archive grows daily and consists of close to 70,000 clips covering every major event of the last century and many minor ones. Its collection of footage covering conflicts in Africa and the Middle East from 1990 to the present is perhaps the most extensive in the world. Sam runs the footage department, from cataloguing our extensive archive, to bespoke client research services and brokering deals.

Alexandra Ward

Festivals and Theatrical Executive

Alexandra drives our festival engagement for both new releases and older titles, as well as handling limited theatrical and non-theatrical deals. From museums, film clubs, universities or charities, anyone can arrange bespoke screenings directly with the company, maximising our films' ability to reach audiences at a grassroots level.

Elliot Yates

Digital Media and News Executive

As News and Digital Media Exec, Elliot is responsible for our short films, from acquisition to release to the global TV market. Elliot also curates Journeyman's YouTube channel, keeping our 2.5 million subscribers up to date with our latest offerings and topical archive.

Jona Avdyli

Marketing Assistant

From running our social media accounts and our weekly client newsletters, Jona also assists the acquisitions and digital departments with preparing our films for release across all major markets.

Umair Zaidi

Digital and Footage Assistant

When he's not digging up clips from the archive for our footage clients and digitising old film materials for the famous Journeyman library, Umair is supporting a busy digital department in delivering titles to multiple platforms each week.

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