About Us

Journeyman Features is Journeyman Pictures' estranged cousin - a platform for fiction films and some rather unorthodox docs.

The Journeyman Team

Mark Stucke

Founder and managing director of Journeyman Pictures. At the age of 21 Mark was dodging bullets in the Russian Afghan war, working on his first conflict documentary. In 1990 he established Journeyman and moulded it into a support and sales hub for freelancers operating in conflict zones around the world, establishing strong relationships with all the world's leading broadcasters. If selling short news films was the crucible of his distribution training, the decision in 2000 to focus on documentary distribution and co-production was what branded the company as one of the leading factual distributors globally. Today that expertise has embraced the digital age with Journeyman becoming one of the few factual distributors to achieve direct partnerships with Apple, Google, and Amazon.

Emma Simpson

As company manager Emma’s role at Journeyman is wide-ranging, with a focus on acquisitions, sales, development projects and editorial. For select film projects Emma works with filmmakers on pre-sales, funding and co-production partnerships. Just so long as the office doesn't run out of tea she can solve pretty much any problem thrown at her.

Mickey Sharp

As Journeyman's Management Accountant Mickey works alongside Luke on all finance matters. She is responsible for producing monthly management accounts and the year end financial statements.

Daisy Hayes

As head of the sales operation, Daisy negotiates sales of Journeyman’s powerful docs to broadcasters, theatrical outfits, streamers, and factual TV clients of every shape and size around the world. But at core she cares most about ensuring the work of the brilliant filmmakers Journeyman reps is seen by as many eyeballs as possible.

Kate Chapman

In the busy acquisitions department Kate spends her days on the hunt for the best new documentaries out there, covering an array of styles and subjects. She secures distribution rights to new films with a view to bringing them to all markets worldwide, and works closely with Gen to orchestrate release strategies. Outside of the office she enjoys art and roaming London’s nature.

Kasia Ceasar-Mejias

As lead video operator in the busy Digital and Technical department, Kasia oversees Journeyman's technical operations. She spends much of her days glued to the screen, watching and QCing incoming documentaries. Outside work she travels with her one-man band filming and looking for new documentary film projects. Kasia likes to dream big, in the future, she hopes to become the next Kim Longinotto.

Bekzhan Sarsenbayev

Bekzhan oversees the release of our digital titles, ensuring our films reach a global audience. He also manages our direct partnerships with multiple digital platforms, including Amazon, iTunes and Google. In his spare time, he suffers the indignity of being an Arsenal fan, and enjoys the films of Edward Yang and Claire Denis.

Ieuan Walker

As Journeyman's Head of Footage, Ieuan is the nimble lead operator heading up client footage research requests. Working with some of the world's biggest producers, finding needles in the haystack is what he loves best. When not trawling through Journeyman's dusty shelves, you can find Ieuan down the local pub quiz or at one of London's music venues.

Luke Hamlin

As Journeyman's bookkeeper, Luke is in charge of all things financial across our multi-market company. From producing monthly accounts keeping our film owners informed about the performance of their titles, to liaising with Journeyman's global customers, Luke ensures that we run a tight ship! He also works closely with our Management Accountant to track the continual growth of the business.

Gen Sandle

Gen sits at the cross road to everywhere, coordinating upcoming releases and the myriad materials needed to publicise and deliver films to broadcasters and platforms. The release schedule is at the heart of her role - she has to keep everyone happy, be an expert at mending bridges, while at the same time ensuring the whole team is organised and on track. Outside of the office she understandably needs a bit of peace and enjoys reading, drawing, and has dabbled with her own short films.

Fred Postles

Working in the busy Digital department, Fred helps to ensure all our titles are successfully delivered to digital platforms including Google Play, Amazon and iTunes. This involves proof-reading and QC of subtitles, producing foreign language posters, and direct correspondence with our partner platforms throughout the delivery process, as well as post-delivery stats analysis.

Daisy Baxter

As head of the languages department, Daisy translates films for localized language releases. She creates foreign language versions, manages translation projects in nine different languages and edits subtitles for delivery to platforms. When not in the office she enjoys sailing and learning new languages, most recently Dutch and Turkish.

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