About Us

Journeyman Features is Journeyman Pictures' estranged cousin - a platform for fiction films and some rather unorthodox docs.

The Journeyman Team

Mark Stucke

Founder and managing director of Journeyman Pictures. At the age of 21 Mark was dodging bullets in the Russian Afghan war, working on his first conflict documentary. In 1990 he established Journeyman and moulded it into a support and sales hub for freelancers operating in conflict zones around the world, establishing strong relationships with all the world's leading broadcasters. If selling short news films was the crucible of his distribution training, the decision in 2000 to focus on documentary distribution and co-production was what branded the company as one of the leading factual distributors globally. Today that expertise has embraced the digital age with Journeyman becoming one of the few factual distributors to achieve direct partnerships with Apple, Google, and Amazon.

Emma Simpson

As company manager Emma’s role at Journeyman is wide-ranging, with a focus on acquisitions, sales, development projects and editorial. For select film projects Emma works with filmmakers on pre-sales, funding and co-production partnerships. Just so long as the office doesn't run out of tea she can solve pretty much any problem thrown at her.

Dominic Keen

Journeyman's Operations Manager, Dominic's company experience ranges from the bustling technical department, to our accounts and business affairs, to news and festival sales. He now uses his deep knowledge of the in-house systems to keep a complex company running smoothly.

Chantal du Rocher

Acquisitions Executive Chantal spends her days on the hunt for the best new documentaries out there, spanning a range of genres, styles and subject matter. She secures distribution rights to new films with a view to bringing them to all markets worldwide. Out of the office she enjoys skating, learning new languages, and everything associated with Ru Paul.

Benjamin Poulten

Benjamin manages Journeyman's direct partnerships with multiple digital platforms, including Amazon, iTunes and Google. He uses his talent for stats analysis to find the best ways to make Journeyman's films stand out in a crowded marketplace, from utilising strong, relevant promotions to translating titles into key languages for target markets. Outside of Journeyman, he enjoys reading about imaginary architecture and the philosophy of David Hume.

Etienne Avisse-Brown

As an editor in the busy Digital and Technical department, Etienne oversees Journeyman's broadcast and VOD output, and handles QC on all incoming documentaries. He also lends his voice to our foreign-language news content, ready for delivery to English-speaking audiences. When not sat behind his ambitious five-screen desk setup, he can be found jumping around the capital's live music venues.

Luke Hamlin

As Journeyman's bookkeeper, Luke is in charge of all things financial across our multi-market company. From producing monthly accounts to keep our film owners informed about the performance of their titles, to liaising with Journeyman's global customers, Luke ensures that we run a tight ship! He also works closely with our Management Accountant to track the continual growth of the business.

Max Edwards

As Footage Sales Executive, Max liaises with producers to research and license clips from Journeyman's extensive library of news reports, footage reels and documentaries for projects across TV, film and advertising. He also keeps our footage website fresh, adding new downloadable material every week. Outside of the office he plays tennis and devours films by Almodóvar.

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