The Lost

Someone knows where she is.

Detectives investigate the disappearance of a young girl who goes missing from her home during a family birthday party. As the detectives piece together the events of that fateful night they soon discover there's more to the story than they first realized. A complex matrix of child trafficking, abuse and even murder begins to materialise, and one of the detectives finds himself dangerously entangled.

 The Lost
(2020) on IMDb

The Producers

Peter Stylianou - Director & Writer

Making The Film

Director's Statement

The Lost was shot on a micro-budget of just under 30k, mainly in one house in Surrey, England. A tiny but talented cast and crew worked their socks off to shoot over one hundred and twenty five scenes in just nine consecutive days which worked out to shooting an average of thirteen scenes in just a day! Although we delivered, there were many compromises; shots and scenes had to be cut, minimizing our coverage, however we used this to our advantage by merging scenes and doing many one takes which gave the actors more freedom to perform and be creative.

Key crew members of The Lost include second time writer/director/producer Peter Stylianou who worked alongside co-producer Susannah Hynes who has experience Production Managing and Producing Short films as well as working in the Corporate video sector. Gary Rogers, the director of photography, who shot dozens of feature films in the past, provided all the camera equipment and lighting as well as his vast experience allowing high-speed cinematography. But the glue that held it all together was Joe Stringer, the first assistant director who tirelessly kept this insane schedule while managing to keep the set fun and friendly.

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