Under The Same Sun

In the near future, an Israeli and a Palestinian become friends and help usher in a time of peace.

Under the Same Sun is a brave mockumentary parable that imagines the dramatic consequences of an unlikely business partnership between an Israeli and a Palestinian, and shows that idealism could be a catalyst for change in the war-torn region.
"We hope this makes things clearer for you." The message is stuck to Palestinian Nizar's newly smashed windscreen, alerting him to the existence of invisible opponents in his community. News of his joint venture with Israeli business partner Shaul has just leaked to the press, making them both notorious overnight and putting an instant strain on their relationships with family members. Suddenly, the two men are subject to a whole lot of pressure - public and private - to abandon their plans for a solar energy farm in Palestine; society will not permit an Israeli and a Palestinian to work together. What began as pure business becomes an opportunity for Shaul and Nizar to show their respective communities that co-operation is possible, using Facebook as a platform to reach the widest possible audience.

While political commentators look on, and death threats come flooding in, their Facebook page amasses a huge number of fans who are inspired by their idealistic vision: "It's time to end the bloodshed, maintain the values of compassion and build a safe future...for everyone." But it is when their followers move the protest from the virtual to the real world and take this message to the streets that they truly become a force reckon with.

Filmed in the style of a documentary charting Shaul and Nizar's remarkable plans from inception to unanticipated consequences, Under the Same Sun is a gripping and insightful drama that explores what can happen when an unlikely catalyst stirs us from apathy into action and when two determined individuals defy the dominant paradigm.

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