Ladybird Ladybird

A British woman gets into a dispute with Social Services over the care and custody of her four children

This Ken Loach docu-drama relates the story of a British woman's fight with Social Services over the care of her children. Maggie has a history of bouncing from one abusive relationship to another. She has four children, of four different fathers, who came to the attention of Social Services when they were injured in a fire. Subsequently, Maggie was found to be an "unfit mother" and her children were removed from her care. She finally meets the man of her dreams, a Paraguayan expatriate, and they start a family together. Unfortunately, Social Services seems unwilling to accept that her life has changed and rends them from their new children. She and Jorge together, and separately, fight Social Services, Immigration, and other government bureaucrats in a desperate battle to make their family whole again.

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LaurelBerlin International Film Festival - Winner of the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury
LaurelBerlin International Film Festival - SIlver Berlin Bear, Best Actress, Crissy Rock
LaurelChicago International Film Festiva - Winner, Best Actress, Crissy Rock
Laurel Valladolid International Film Festival - Winner, Best Actor, Vladimir Vega

Reviews and MoreTo witness Crissy Rock in these scenes is to see acting of such elemental power and truth it can hardly be borne.” – Roger Ebert

The Producers

Ken Loach

One of Britain's greatest filmmakers, Ken Loach has been a pioneer of socially conscious, uncompromising cinema, serving as Britain’s celluloid conscience throughout the last fifty years. From his breakthrough film Kes to the Palm d’Or winning I, Daniel Blake, Loach's career is a testament to cinema's ability to challenge the powerful and champion the causes of the oppressed. Spanning subjects as different as the Spanish Civil War (Land and Freedom) to the Liverpool’s dock work-ins (The Big Flame), witness the work of one of the defining artists of the 20th and 21st century.

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